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2LP "Claptone - Charmer" Golden Vinyl Limited


Claptone - Charmer / CD Album (Digipack)

A1 In the Beginning (Feat. Nathan Nicholson)
A2 The Only Thing
A3 Puppet Theatre (Feat. Peter, Bjorn and John)
B1 Dear Life (Feat. Jaw)
B2 Your Body (In the Rain) (Feat. Bavanandan)
B3 Heartbeat (Feat. Nathan Nicholson)
C1 The Music Got Me
C2 Party Girl (Feat. Jimi Tenor)
C3 Anything (Feat. Jaw)
D1 No Eyes (Feat. Jaw)
D2 Leave Your Light On (Feat. Young Galaxy)
D3 Ghost (Feat. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)
D4 I Write Your Name (Feat. Jay-Jay Johanson)